Merry Blingmas for our Long Term 2007 YZ250

Those who know me know I’m not a fan of bling. Part of it is rational - better results are from time getting fit, then money on suspension, then the motor, and lastly on the shiny bits. Part of it’s being a tight old Scotsman.

Merry Blingmas for our Long Term 2007 YZ250
Merry Blingmas for our Long Term 2007 YZ250
Then my standards all fell apart in one big shot. A red set of Michelins caught my eye while down at Northern Accessories, then after that, some other, more shiny stuff. I lost it completely. Shortly afterwards, me and a fair few presents for our long term YZ left the building. Well – the old girl did need a tart up. And it is Christmas after all. What cold-hearted scrooge could deny a hard-used bike a little gift?

I have to concede, a great thing ‘bout bling is it comes as cheap as you need to fit your budget, thus making an IDEAL present. Sometimes a guy’s just gotta buy it for himself, but you could show this to your girlfriend and hopefully avoid the undies and socks this Christmas. The best thing is, it’s simple. Head to, click ‘Fitments’, plug in your bike model, and get the whole range of goodies that will fit it. Choose what you want and find your nearest local dealer for quick service.

DRC is a Japanese company very much into MX. Maybe, like me, you originally thought DRC were knock-off clones because they were so cheap. Not so. From the minutely drilled detail on the brake clevis, to the ‘Zeta’ embossed, hard anodised, CNC machined engineering in the pivoting lever set, the Zeta stuff is the shizzle. I’ve had the hand guards on for a few good smacks now, and apart from losing their stickers, they seem to be doing their job. I think the mounting system is superior to the Acerbis we had been using (more solid), and the bend is better - they don’t stick out nearly as much. Whether they last as well is another thing entirely, so we’ll report back on that in the New Year.
Rear brake reservoir cap $39.95
Brake clevis pin $24.95
Hand guards $99.95
Pivot brake lever $84.95
Pivot clutch lever $84.95

…Is big in the US but fairly low key here until now. Again, they provide stuff at the quality end of the market. For the YZ, Sunline serve up a blue-anodised oil filler cap and front brake reservoir lid, finned to help dissipate all that heat I put into it… Yeah, right. Trickier than a hatful of magicians though. Also included are a sexy little one-way gas breather and their anti-vibration OS bar. The claim on the package is a 40 per cent reduction in vibration, something that should definitely help get you through a long moto. I can tell you there’s a noticeable decrease in vibration on the YZ, but I can’t say for sure how much. The top of the line Sunline handlebar kit comes with pad, wire, grips and glue. This is pretty cool and saves muchos grief and time.
Front brake reservoir cap $49.95
Oil filler cap $42.95
Aluminium gas stop valve $34.90

SDG Seat
The full gripper. Also available in tall for big blokes, and stepped for the trend-conscious.
SDG SEAT STD YZ 02-07 Blue $219

Ho-ho-ho Michelins
Big, bright, red Michelin tyres. Not your everyday item, no sir. Wanna get noticed? Here’s your chance. The good thing is Michelin has made them in the much loved, long-lasting, effective Starcross pattern.
Michelin 80/100 21 MH3 Red $189
Michelin 110/90 19 MH3 Red $229

N-Style Graphics
The YZ used to fly under the radar. Not much chance of that anymore. Made from good, thick plastic, in a good range from full Vegas to low-key OEM replica.
N-Style YZ250 OEM04 Graphic $119

Ever noticed that despite plenty of ads and everyone from Bubba to Ben using Renthal sprockets, they were really hard to get hold of? Hopefully not any more. Northerns have recently taken over distributorship and they should be far more readily available. Yes Rosita, they are properly expensive, but then again, after the initial squeak of the wallet, I’ve never regretted paying for top dollar stuff. It never fails and slowly pays itself off as you watch your mates go through cheaper brands like butter. The chain is precision matched to their sprocket and clearing grooves are milled into both front and rear. My nana side liked the fact Renthal included rubber gloves in the chain set. Nice touch.
Sprocket – Front $50
Sprocket – Rear $129
120L 520 R3 O-Ring chain $269