Suzuki Hayabusa 2008 Review

I'm still not sure what to think of the big Busa. It goes, by god does it go. In a way that makes adrenalin wipe memories.

Suzuki Hayabusa 2008 Review
2008 Suzuki Hayabusa

Compared to the sleek and sudden Dobermans of the Litre-Bike world, the Hayabusa moves with the smooth unstoppable force of a supercharged St Bernard, accelerating from 160 to 260 like they get to 80.

Congratulations Mr Macdonald, you have now lost your licence so thoroughly, we may never find it again. At 220, the Busa is comfortable and reassuring, in a way everything else on the planet is at 100. There's a big hole behind the windscreen to stick your head in, where you note, after a slightly grumbly run through 4500-5000rpm in top, things smoothing out. Here, the rear end, which aesthetically I'm not into, is engineered perfectly and starts to do its job of keeping air attached to smooth out flow. It never, ever feels as fast as it is.

It also stops, and goes around corners. I noticed the long and low stance (maybe it's more a huge, very angry Dachshund) in turns, but it was never a hindrance and overall it shrinks nicely on the move and has superb all-rounder dynamics. The photoshoot on the drag strip was interesting. Nothing illustrates monumental, torquey oomph like a standing start, and the Busa just lays it down like it's attached to the finish trap with a big bungy. The ZX-14 doesn't deliver anywhere as much in the basement, and the R1 we had used to commute there, felt like a fussy 125 two-stroke off the line by comparison.

The Hayabusa is nearly all things - fun, a usable daily-driver and fast, without being urgent and demanding. If big power in a velvet glove is your thing, join the Busa-ratii immediately.

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