Husqvarna TE 310 Review

By: Damien Ashenhurst, Photography by: Greg Smith / IKAPTURE

Husky has attempted to please most of the people most of the time with the TE 310. We think it might be on to something.

Husqvarna TE 310 Review
Husqvarna TE 310

The 2009 model year is pretty spectacular in terms of bike choice, and with most of the new machines appearing around August 2008, it's Christmas come early for anyone searching for a new ride. As it stands, there over 10 choices in the 450F category alone and nearly all of them are great bikes.

The problem with this cacophony of choice is, who really needs a 450? I mean who really must have all the power that a 450 can give and for that matter, how many of those blokes go and get a pipe fitted to gain some more, because they're just not going fast enough?

On the opposite end of the scale, a 250F, while lighter and a lot of fun, can fall short of ponies and punish you for wrong gear choices and lost momentum. Hey, life is hard enough without these challenges weighing on our mind; what with climate change, the economic downturn and the imminent release of a new Celine Dion album to worry about.

While some of us might not want to admit it for fear that our mates would tell us to harden up, it doesn't take an Einstein to deduce that we need something in between the 250 and 450. There are some very clever folk in Austria (of which Einstein was a citizen), who think the same way and so for 2009, KTM released its 400 EXC.

Husqvarna also saw an opportunity, but instead of scaling down a 450, it built up a 250. Based on the popular TE250, the TE310 has caused a bit of excitement about the traps, and internet forums have been buzzing with excited rumors (as forums do) and hearsay. So, could it be as good as is hoped and hyped?

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