PGO T-Rex 150 scooter Review

By: Buddha

PGO’s T-Rex 150 is efficient, economic and effortless

PGO T-Rex 150 scooter Review
PGO T-Rex 150 scooter

Sure, commuting is necessary, but there's no reason it has to be a necessary evil, especially when you can merrily riff through the rush-hour blues on a scooter like PGO's T-Rex 150.

Using one of these fuel-stingy scoots emphasises your economic acuity and environmental sensitivity while furnishing the perfect excuse to, at least briefly, stick the company cellphone where the sun don't shine, under the seat. And there's plenty of room under that seat on the T-Rex.

Though no one likes to see petrol prices continuing their lunar trajectory, those in the scooter-commuter world don't seem to notice it quite as much. Heck, the six litres I just pumped into the T-Rex 150 will get me to work and back home all this week and into the next. I fiendishly chuckle, knowing I'll probably use less gas today than the guy who's been standing there pumping 91 into that enormous SUV will use just to merge onto the motorway.

On top of it all, the T-Rex is far from being machina non grata on said 100km stretches, the parking is a breeze, and the 150 has no problems keeping up with traffic; frankly, it flat-out wants to run away from traffic. Much to the annoyance of my fellow bumper-to-bumperists, the scooter allows me to zip in and out of traffic snarls with ease. And when it comes to stopping, the single disc up front and the drum in back do a fairly decent job of pulling up the scooter with the minimum of fuss.

For a small, lightweight machine, the PGO is no slouch in the power department. The air-cooled, 149cc, four-stroke single delivers a pretty decent punch to go along with its economy. Grab a handful of throttle at a stoplight and you'll be surprised just how much jump you can get from just under 20hp. Cars and trucks simply fall away, especially nowadays with folks treading gingerly on their accelerators. Ha-ha, that's something you scooter types needn't concern yourselves with, because even if you ride it like you stole it, the T-Rex will still return over 27km per litre.

And so what if your commute involves a stint on the highway? No worries, the little 150 is up to the task. Now, you're not going to be blowing the doors off those SUVs, but reaching the legal speed limit is not a problem. I just cruise along grinning in the granny lane knowing full well that I'll get there soon enough and save a bunch of bucks doing it.

For all those hardened bikers out there, don't get me wrong. To be honest I prefer a motorcycle to a scooter most days of the week. But, having ridden a few different scoots recently I do have a soft spot for mid to large range ones. They are ideal if you don't have far to go, need that extra space for your groceries and can be a blast to ride round the urban racetrack. And the PGO T-Rex 150 falls nicely into that category. Give one a try, you won't be disappointed.


Engine type Four-stroke
Displacement 149cc
Cooling system Forced air cooling
Max power 7.9kw@7500rpm
Max torque 10.9Nm@6500
Length 1870mm
Width 725mm
Wheelbase 1275mm
Dry weight 113kg
Fuel tank 6.7Ltrs
Front brakes Disc
Rear brakes Drum
Front tyre 120/70-12
Rear tyre 130/70-12

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